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Our Focus: Developing Long-Lasting and Flourishing Partnerships, Both With Customers and Suppliers.

Solo Does It Simple:

The project components are tailored to your requirements.

Because a Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words

Hotel TV Solutions

More Service 

State of the art equipment is an integral part of our service. Our recommendations are vendor agnostic and where it is possible, we´ll be integrating  your existing assets.


Our solutions ensure even greater user experience for your guests and added value for you.

When Competence Meets Experience

At Solo IT, you will find more than 26 years of experience in the design and engineering of digital projects. 
Our goal is to work with you to define the optimal solution for your project. 

Whether digital signage, TV Solutions for hotels, room signage or innovative presentation technology – it would be a great pleasure for us to meet your requirements.

Solo for You 

From individual displays to video walls, we offer you a tailor-made solution.

We Provide Solutions, Not Just Products.

From screens for your meeting room to large display networks – our experts are here for you.

network quality guaranteed

Optimise the Present.
Building the Future.

We are passionate about establishing connections that will drive our future – a world of opportunity, for all.

Creating Lasting Connections

Whether on the ground, in buildings or in the air, we know that networks must be robust and reliable. This is how they keep up with the increasing demands of our network society.

displays for presentations and meeting rooms

Presenting Smart!

Interactive displays bring state-of-the-art technology into your meeting room.

Jack of All Trades:

Modern displays are screen, whiteboard and presentation surface in one device.