tv streaming für hotels

Your Guests Will Be Looking Forward to This!

From now on, guests will use your hotel TV like TV at home! Whether via smartphone, tablet or laptop – like@home ensures the perfect connection between your hotel TV and your guests’ streaming apps.

TV like@home!

Mehrwert für Hotels

Satisfied Guests – Better Ratings.

like@home offers you the complete solution for the on-demand experience of your guests. Choosing what you want to see when you want to see it means independence. Especially when you are on the road, this availability has a decisive influence on the evaluation of the stay.

The Simple and Economical Solution

like@home enables easy login to their apps and streaming of content to the hotel’s TV. The hardware is easy to implement.

In this way, you create direct added value for your guests with a manageable investment.

The installation can be carried out either by your team or by us. Whether with or without theft protection, with existing casting devices or with current TV sets:

like@home is your on-demand solution for your guests! 

Useful for Your Guests – Safe for You!

Via a unique QR code on the welcome screen, guests connect the device to the existing hotel TV. Our development team has taken special care to ensure that the connection is as easy as possible for the guest and safe for you.

Streaming On Demand im Hotel

The like@home Core Hardware

Your guests log in with their own devices on the device installed behind the TV set. The like@home core hardware ensures exclusive access to “your own” TV. An easy-to-use interface provides the assignment of the streaming device and the room number.

Flexible and Safe:

like@home works with all standard operating systems and the most popular apps such as Netflix and your youtube playlists. Your existing WLAN provides access to the internet and your guest’s accounts.
The core hardware creates a hidden WLAN that is not visible to the guest. Thus the system offers you maximum security and builds trust among your guests.

The simple administration for you and the connect & play experience for your guests will convince you too!

The Next Step:

like@home is exclusively available at Solo IT.

Our customers include both smaller hotels and larger businesses with their own IT department. What they have in common is the outstanding streaming service for guests.

Due to the different requirements, we coordinate the scope of services individually with you. From the integration of current casting devices to the all-round package, including delivery and installation, our experienced team offers you all possibilities.

like@home was explicitly created for the needs of the hotel industry. The simple assembly of the components, the intuitive user interface and the individual service package, will convince you, too.

Contact us, and your guests will soon enjoy a TV experience like@home.