Present Smart!

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The most helpful technology is the one you don’t realise.
So you concentrate on your content, and technology is simply working.

Interactive Screens 

Technology? Works!

Concentrate on your content. With the right technology, you present it in the best possible light.

The best about it? You won’t notice a thing. 

Green Screen – Your Recording Studio

Present Like a Pro

With Greenscreen Studio, you present in front of your content.
Perfect for training, online lectures and high-end video conferences.

Your Show:

With smart presentation solutions, you show your services, your company and yourself from the best side.

Solo supports you in choosing the proper hardware. Whether it’s an online training, a meeting or a presentation – we make sure you look good.

Just present.


Connect different laptops and mobile devices to the displays simultaneously.

Never search for cables again. 

Meetings With Added Value

Solutions for Presentations 

Solo IT is your provider for presentation solutions.
Whether for internal meetings, presentations with large audiences or video conferences – we support you in choosing the best hardware and software.

Simply Reliable – Reliably Simple 

When selecting our products, stable and durable technology from proven manufacturers is essential to us.
Intuitive operation of the respective applications ensures that you can concentrate on your content.